Anxiety Tension Fear Feeling Stuck
Stomach Pain Rapid Heartbeat Headaches
Insomnia Frustration Procrastination
Racing Mind Worry PTSD Fatigue
Colitis IBS Crohn’s Disease

The Anxiety Control Center’s Transformation System uses a blend of techniques called Cognitive-Behavioral-Hypnosis. Using this system it is possible to get to the root of panic, anxiety, fear, sadness, procrastination, worry, anger, migraines, IBS and pain. Because we can change the inner faulty programs that trigger the symptoms, there is no need to continue to suffer with these issues.Sign up here to schedule a Free Consultation

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Getting Relief From Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Procrastination and Panic


Identify the emotions that hold you back and create a new image! This e-book will help you re-format desired outcomes using no-fail goals setting formula. Uncover triggers for worry, fear, anxiety,
sadness, self-doubt and procrastination.
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More Than Stress Management


Audrey Sussman Ph.D. now has another E-Book. This one will give you great ideas and tips for stress relief that you can do on your own.

More Than Stress Management, Ideas that Work has the tools to help you in real life situations for only $19.

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How The Freedom From Anxiety System Works